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finding beauty in humankind and nature


I can paint portraits and still lives for you

Do you wish to give a gift that will bring joy, will last throughout generations and the value of the painting will rise with time? Let me paint a portrait of you or still live according to your wishes. Whether you want a portrait or still life, or another theme you choose, do not hesitate to contact me or to arrange an appointment in my studio.

If you want to have a portrait, I prefer to meet the person I am going to paint, as I want to capture the character in its entire full beauty. If you plan a portrait as a surprise, the portrait can be painted from photographs (photos from different angles), describing the person’s characteristics in the images.

The paint price depends on the complexity and size of the paint. The painting or still life can also be purchased via installments, but always with a prepaid deposit.

The standard size of portrait format oil painting:
  • 35 cm (width) × 40 cm (height)
  • 50 cm (width) × 60 cm (height)
  • Bigger formats upon agreement.

Alternatively, I also offer portrait drawings and dry pastel still life. Take a look at the gallery.

The standard size of dry pastel formats:
  • A4 (210 × 297 mm)
  • A3 (297 × 420 mm)
  • Bigger formats upon agreement.

You receive the certificate of authenticity from me for the portrait or still life you purchased. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.



I paint an oil painting combined with a spatula technique

I was born in the small village of Veliny near Pardubice town. I graduated from the Secondary School of Textile in Usti nad Orlici.

I acquired the painter genes from my father Vaclav Novak. I had my first exhibitions in 1982. Since then, I have had many exhibitions throughout the Czechoslovakia. Since 1990, I have been working as a freelance professional. I am mainly painting portraits. I use the old, delicate, renegotiation technique of multi-layer painting, associated with a rough painting with the spatula technique.

I have done portraits of the founders of Trebechovice Bethlehem for installation in Trebechovice pod Orebem town.

My work is registered in the Dictionary of Czech and Slovak Fine Artists, which was published by the Sagall Fine Arts Center in Ostrava.


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    Finding beauty in humankind and nature

    Nowadays, negative features have got the opposite effect for some artists. It can be said that their work compensates for the heaviness of current times.

    This fact is also inherented by the painter Blanka Sklibova. It is not surprising that she admires the old artists, especially the Impressionists. She uses the old, particularly difficult Renaissance technique (a multi-layer oil painting – a smooth painting) in connection with the rough painting of the spatula technique. The basis of her painting process is the emphasis and analysis of the character – the essence (or thorough study) of the subject, and then the partial stylization of the theme depicted.


    The themes of Blanka Sklibova’s paintings are all based on her surroundings and what appeals to her. They are portraits, still-life, flowers, animals, old cottages, sometimes landscapes. She is not specialised on a single subject, like the vast majority of painters, but finds inspiration – it could be said – in every moment of her creative process.

    The originality of Blanka Sklíbova’s paintings lies in that they can represent cosiness. It evokes feelings of warmth, peace, and the comfort of the home. Therefore, the onlooker suggestively feels drawn into safety.

    Precisely these qualities reach many fans of art and art lovers of Blanka Sklibova’s work.

    Vaclav Romer, Mgr.

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    Customer REVIEWS

    Excellent painter, I'm absolutely happy. Professional, friendly conduct. We met at her studio and she showed me her work. I can strongly recommend her services.

    Recenze Katerina Groulikova
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